2012 SouthernX Event Coverage


Hard. There will be steep climbing, descending, a couple mean run-ups, and a handful of barriers. Do not underestimate the difficulty of this event. The weather, if nasty, can add another element of difficulty. The course mileage is ~50'ish with the largest percentage of it on gravel roads. There will be one support/aid station. You bring your supplies (MUST FIT IN ONE GALLON SIZED ZIPLOC BAG OR SMALL COOLER- NO SPARE BIKES OR WHEELS) if you want to use the drop and we will transport them to and from the aid station. We'll also have some PowerBar sports nutrition, water, snacks(typical Aid station food) and basic mechanical support from Northstar Bikes.

We are not responsible for missing drop bags.

The course is the same as the 2013 50 mile course.

Cutoffs: If you don't make it to the Aid station for the first time (up FS77) by 12:30pm a volunteer will take your timing tag and you will be directed to take a shortcut back to the Finish. If you don't make it to the Aid station for the second time (up FS58) by 2pm a volunteer will drive you back to the Finish.


For directions visit go here