Eddie O'Dea has joined Hunter Allen's Peaks Coaching Group to learn power based coaching from the best in the business. He is now able to combine the principles of coaching learned from PCG along with the technique instruction from WN Precision Bike Fitting into custom training plans for you. Eddie works with road, criterium, time trial, cyclocross, xc mountain bike, gravel & ultra endurance cyclists. He can help achieve your new levels in cycling whether you are racing for a national championship or if you are looking to finish your first century ride.

Eddie O'Dea
USAC Level 3 Coach
WN Precision Fitter and Technique Instructor

I was bored and looking for some adventure. I longed to be in the forest and mountain biking seemed the perfect answer, this was in 1998 and I was 23. With no athletic experience since I was 16, it was a challenge to say the least, but the rewards were worth every scrape, bruise and sore muscle. My body felt better, I made healthier decisions so I could ride more often, and the stresses of life would melt away with every pedal stroke. I've held on to those feelings for nearly 16 years and my passion for cycling has only grown.

Little seemed to come "naturally" to me with cycling other than the passion to improve. It took a lot of work, learning, and time to get from the first back of the pack finish to the podium at a national event. It's been nearly 16 years of racing, but I have not forgotten the struggles and lessons learned in those early years.

I began coaching and bike fitting in 2006. Initially fitting and technique instruction were my main focus and I have been privileged to work with many great cyclists including National Criterium Champion, Tina Pic; double amputee Ironman finisher, Scott Rigsby; the Kenda Pro Cycling Team and Team Exergy. I gained valuable experience teaching these athletes and many others the nuances of movement that can make the difference in their power output and endurance. I began incorporating this knowledge into training plans for local athletes and now working with PCG I can combine that understanding of movement with power based training in all genres of cycling.

Podium finishes in 18 out of 20 24 hour races
2006 & 2007 podium at USAC 24 hour National Championships
2011 7th Overall National Ultra Endurance Series
2010, 2011, 2013 win & course record at the Trans North Georgia
2013 win & course record set at the Huracan 300 & Stagecoach 400
2014 win & course record set at the Huracan 300

Every cyclist I've worked with is motivated, it's my goal to help them shape that motivation into a clear plan to reach their goals. We have so many metrics to track with cycling these days it can be a little overwhelming to make sense of it all and to know how to use that info to be more successful. That is where I see my role as a coach, to help athletes make sense of the data, to help them make more informed decisions on how to reach their goals and give them the knowledge they need to succeed.

Thanks to Eddie O'Dea and 55nine Performance I accomplished my goal of finding 3 minutes in a 40K time trial and standing on the podium of the GA State Time Trial Championship. I have worked with Eddie and 55 Nine for the past 5 years on dialing in my bike fit and perfecting my pedal stroke and technique on all my bikes for all my cycling disciplines. After a successful fall cyclocross season last year and an early 2013 time trial season, I approached Eddie with a lofty goal only 4 months out from my "A" race. I said, "Eddie, I need you to find me 3 minutes." His words, and I quote, "We'll work on finding your limits while pushing them further and further out.....this will not be a comfortable experience, but you will be in amazing shape come Aug." The word "comfortable" found its way out of my vocabulary shortly after a few days of training.
Eddie's commitment to my goal was clear from day one and I was pushed far beyond my comfort zone. My training volume doubled from what I was doing on my own, all while working a demanding 40+ hour a week job and keeping up with the challenges and stresses of my personal life, including a house move. Eddie continued to push me with challenging training plans, analyzed my power data along the way and experimented with my TT position to improve aerodynamics, including a 6 cm drop to the front-end over the course of a few months. He developed a strong race day strategy, tweaked nutrition and hydration plans, and kept me concentrated on my pedal technique and movement. As a result, I arrived at the event more focused, confident and relaxed than I've ever been before a race.
I am now more mentally and physically ready to compete and push myself to the next level. I have never been more fit in my life, and I don't plan on stopping here. I look forward to carrying this fitness into cyclocross and continuing to push myself further and further.
Thanks again Eddie and 55nine! It was an incredible experience and one I will certainly never forget.
- Clay Benoit (TT, CX racer)

After my first fit with him I was so impressed with his passion for proper technique that I decided to go all in and have him coach me! Not only has the structured training been spot on, the technique coaching (sprinting, climbing, pedaling and all round race tactics) went to ~ DEFCON 5!
- Charlie Putnal (road, mtb, CX racer)

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