Laser-Precision Bike Fitting & Technique Instruction

"I was averaging 18mph in training, but after my session with 55nine I competed at 20mph in Ironman Florida."- Patrick Wilson

At 55nine Performance we do not just fit a bike for you. We teach the techniques and skills that will enable you to cycle better. We start with the basics of the pedal stroke and then move on to climbing, sprinting and powering across the flats.

We will start with a 34 point skeletal assessment and gather the geometry measurements of your bike. We couple these constraints in the WN Precision CAD application. This gives us a blueprint which we use to set up your bike based on your skeletal measurements, meaning it's fully customized for you!

This blueprint will allow you to achieve an optimal pedal stroke. What is an optimal pedal stroke? One in which you are leveraging your bones without wearing out your soft tissue. Muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, even your skin are not meant to take excessive shearing, compression & tension. We stack the bones so you have less wear and tear on your soft tissue from generating 5500+ pedal strokes per hour. Your muscles only pull and they pull best at particular angles or within certain ranges of motion. This is also taken into account when generating your blueprint. Our fit will allow your muscles to work more effectively and, in turn, gain more peak power and greater endurance while increasing comfort and reducing your risk of injury.

Just having your bike set up "optimally" means nothing if you do not understand the techniques to achieve this pedal stroke. We spend the time and have the tools to teach you how get more power in all kinds of situations. Cycling is a dynamic sport and requires knowledge of many techniques to ensure success. We can teach you. Knowledge is power. Know your power!

better leverage = increased potential= increased horsepower = better cycling

Train better. Recover faster. Comfort works, and the proof is in the results.

For a detailed review of the 55nine bike fit service, read the review in Florida Cycling Magazine

Our bike fittings are not just for "pros" or only "really serious" riders. If you are using clipless pedals then you can benefit from our bike fitting and technique instruction. Who couldn't use more power and less fatigue?

Your laser-precision bike fit includes Dartfish video analysis and will cost $250 per bike (add $50 for TT and Tri fittings). We offer a 10% discount on the 2nd bike when fit during the same appointment. Any additional parts or accessories will be extra.

Fittings may be scheduled Monday-Friday 10am to 4:30pm