With Namrita's combined expertise in nutrition and exercise science, she offers only science and evidence-based coaching to help you to reach your specific goals whether they may be related to optimized athletic performance or simply general health and wellness.

Nutrition coaching for athletes includes fully customized nutrition plans that integrate with existing (or new) training schedules. The purpose of the integrated nutrition-training strategy is to optimize your body composition, training, and recovery; allowing you to hit your performance goals while maintaining your well-being as an athlete and a person. Nutrition plans can be used along with your existing coach's training plan or can be written into a new training plan by Namrita.

Even if you aren't a competitive athlete, Namrita can help you attain total body wellness. As a PhD, Namrita's approach to nutrition is based on scientific evidence. She will help you sift through the wealth of misinformation that is available and come up with a truly individualized approach to nutrition and health that fits your specific needs and goals. If you have tried "eating clean", you are struggling with motivation, or you are just confused about how you should eat to feel your best, email Namrita to schedule an individual consultation or group session today.