For a detailed review of the 55nine bike fit service, read the review in Florida Cycling Magazine

"I’ve been doing triathlons for 2.5 years, and my bike fit with Eddie was one of the most significant contributing factors to my faster times this season. In September of 2009 I averaged 18.8 mph and ran a 2:04 half marathon in a Half Ironman. After Eddie’s bike fit, in September of 2010 I averaged 21.8 mph on the bike and ran a 1:37 half marathon in the same race. Not only was I more efficient and substantially faster on the bike after the fit, but my legs did not tire as easily and felt much fresher when starting runs after long rides. During IRONMAN Florida in November, I was able to reach my goal bike split and start the marathon strong and sustain my momentum throughout. Eddie worked closely with me to make sure I was comfortable and as efficient as possible on the bike. I was blown away by the results.

I would also recommend Namrita’s guidance to any endurance athlete. Namrita analyzed my daily caloric intake and recommended many changes which resulted in an improved feeling of overall well being, more energy and faster times in my races. During the early days of IRONMAN training I was finding myself crashing on long rides and long runs. After my consultation with Namrita, we were able to fine tune my race day nutrition strategy to ensure no fatigue, cramping or exhaustion. I went into IMFL confident with my nutrition plan and finished the race strong without any issues whatsoever." - Tim Jenkins, Ironman

"Great job on the mountain bike fit a few weeks ago. Feels fantastic, helped me shave 20 minutes off my Snake Gap time from February to March. " - Jack Easter, Team Drummond

"I've never been faster and more comfortable on the bike. Highly recommend." - Clay Benoit, road racer, TT, mountain biker

"I pedaled about 200-miles on the bike and every second was great. No early fatigue, no pain, and comfortable all around. Wobble Naught is treating me right!" - Rob Roberts, ultra-endurance mountain bike athlete

"The bike fit rocks! I rode for 3 hours Saturday which I’ve never done before on a trainer. Usually after an hour on the trainer I’m numb and uncomfortable. I’ve ordered a new saddle and looking forward to getting it on the road soon!"- John Jacobs, Ironman Triathlete

"I wanted to let you know that I completed Ironman Louisville. I could not have done without your bike fit. Thanks again. "- Sean Gray, Ironman Triathlete

"I feel this is my best year. I have not been sick at all during the ultras, and was able to get down to my goal weight. My highlight of the summer just ended Fri. as I placed 15th overall in a five day stage race. Great job. Thanks again"- Tim Wilkie, ultra-endurance athlete

"I have done several rides on my new fit now and I am thoroughly satisfied! I feel stronger, I can stay in the saddle more, and I am hurting less at the end of the ride. It feels like I am riding a newer, better bike. Thanks for the excellent and professional work!"- Kurt Rampton

"If you really want to see how it fits or any other bike you should let Eddie give you a proper fitting. He did a great job fitting my son before he went off to Nationals by making some timely adjustments to his seat and handle bars. It was well worth the money to know we had the right position vs blindly guessing at it. I would recommend this to anyone who puts in a lot of hours in the saddle."- Proud father

"Namrita has an incredible amount of knowlege on nutrition and hydration for endurance athletes. My stomach can be sensitive before and during races, and she helped me find workable combinations of calories and electrolytes. The tricks I learned from her have helped me stay strong on the bike to the end of long races. Namrita also taught me a lot about how to eat during training and off-season to maintain strength and endurance. My daily diet is unpredictable at best, but she showed me how to create a straightforward and workable plan using foods I already liked."- Emily Brock, endurance mountain bike athlete

"Namrita helped me from A to Z. She reviewed my food intake and made me change what I was eating on both training and non-training (weren’t many of those) days. She got my “race” nutrition dialed – in. As a testament, I not only finished my first full Ironman in November (IM Arizona), but I did it after coming down with bronchitis a few days before. Let’s just say on days like that you really appreciate your nutritionist."- Nelson Tyrone, Ironman

"One of the main things that helped me finish the race was the Wobble-Naught Laser bike fit. I settled into a groove by second lap and I would feel more comfortable on my bike then walking or standing around in my feeding pit. The DartFish pedal stroke analysis Eddie did with the video camera, was an eye opener experience. I learned better pedal technique and I had to concentrate on how to pedal during the race but it helped me tremendously. I was able to pedal up the climbs furter then before, I was able to stay on my seat longer and not stand up as much, and I did NOT cramp. Thanks again Eddie! For everyone who may be thinking of getting one of this, do NOT waste more time. Go do it now. Best investment I have done so far and I have only used it for one race with immediate results. "- Marcel Aguirre, Endurance MTB Rider and Racer

"Anybody who does longer events knows the importance of proper nutrition and hydration but I am amazed at the difference it can make when you get it right. My race times have dramatically improved and I never feel in danger of the dreaded “bonk”. Namrita put together my plan for the Four day mountain bike stage race LaRuta and I would not have made it without her knowledge. One of the best side effects is that I just feel better on the bike and I have more confidence because I know what my body needs for fuel so really all I have to do is make sure I put it in. She is a pleasure to work worth and I highly recommend her."- Monte Hewett, endurance athlete

"I don't think this performance would have been possible without the help of Eddie and Namrita. Namrita gave me the exact amount of fluids/sodium/gels I should be drinking based on my weight and height. She gave me the protocol of what to drink if it was going to be hot, which I needed. I realize that the training is important, but not as important as taking in the proper fluids. So, thanks to Namrita again for keeping me cramping up or having a imploding stomach. "- Brian Pace, Expert MTB Racer

"Now I really love my new bikes! I can tell the difference in the fit. I did make a couple tweaks since the fit, the Racer-X is now set up a little more for downhill control and the Fireline is for pure climbing. I have been testing the fits this week and I really feel I have more control now. Thanks Eddie and Karl! "- Krista Park, Professional MTB Racer, Kenda/Titus/Hayes

"The 55nine Performance fitting service is wonderful. Ever since I went in to see Eddie for a fit, I have felt much more efficient and am definitely climbing better than ever. I should have gone to see him a lot sooner, but now I will be 55nine Performance customer for life. I would recommend this to any cyclist, from a weekend warrior to a pro racer!"- Tim Henry, Professional, Jittery Joe's Cycling Team

"It's great. I won the stage race in Savannah this weekend - primarily with my sprinting. I was thinking going in to the final turn yesterday to really focus on my pedal stroke since that's what would differentiate me from the other girls (I hoped) and it worked. I won the race"- Kim Foland, Cat 1, BMW/Bianchi Cycling Team

"I got fitted in August 2006 towards the end of my season. I noticed immediate gains in efficiency, comfort and power. I also found out that my short legs and long torso means that most bikes that fit me vertically are too short horizontally, making me run a really long stem. I'm into endurance mountain biking and stem length plays a huge role in how a bike handles. I sold my Independent Fabrication ti Deluxe and bought a new one with a custom Wobble-naught based geometry that allowed me to run a shorter stem. It's paying immediate dividends in the form of better confidence and handling. Getting properly positioned over the cranks has also eliminated the knee pain that has plagued me the past couple of years when doing big gear work. If you're looking for that little something to get you over the top, this could be it. It seems to be for me! "- Harvey Minton, Independent Fabrications

"The Wobble-naught fitting works. I had Eddie O'Dea fit me on my mountain bike and I can tell you that it was the cheapest upgrade I have ever made. All around, my bike handles better, I am able to put out more power, and I am way faster with less energy expended. 55nine Performace has changed my perspective on the importance of bike fit and I will be forever grateful for the increased performance and fun I now have. "- Cody Yancey, shop owner at Addictive Cycles, Braselton, GA

"My knee pain went away, my hotspots went away, and I rode the same ride I usually do, but faster and with a lower heart rate. If you want to get more powerful and faster go to 55nine Performance "- Scott Hodge, owner of Addictive Cycles, Braselton, GA

"Today I got, by far, my best finish in a GSC race this year. I felt great the entire time and thought about my heel position, wrists, and sit bones to keep them in check. The best part is that I beat everyone on our Faster Mustache crew, something I have not done yet this season. Thanks for a great fit. I'm looking forward to getting back out and getting some more! "- Christopher Rampton, Faster Mustache Race Team

"Feedback on the mountain bike: Unbelievable torque sitting in the saddle, wow. Great so far. "- Shey Lindner, Sobe/Cannondale

"The fitting worked out very very well for me. As you may recall I was having problems with my right knee and saddle sores. After the fitting the knee pain decreased and now I am riding pain free. In addition, I feel more powerful in my new position. The guys I ride with at lunch are surprised how much faster I am riding now compared to just a few weeks ago."- Jim Kennedy

Imagine after 20 years of racing, finding out that you weren't even using 2 major muscles in your legs to pedal the bike! If any of you ever get the chance to do this Myo-facts sEMG and Wobble-naught fit, do it! It's impressive. - Hunter Allen, Founder of Peaks Coaching Group

"My fit has been great on both my mountain and road bikes. I feel like I'm getting more power to the pedals. One of the biggest things is that I have been working on rolling my hips forward, I feel that makes a huge difference. Also "wiping mud" on the bottom of the stroke. The fit has been well worth it for me. Thanks for the help!"- Chip Whitworth (Elite adventure racer)

"I do not know if it was the fitting or my fitness or both, but I rocked at the SERC Ocoee race today. I won, which is my first regional pro/expert win. I felt great and the bike felt awesome. I do know that stretching my cockpit out has helped my wind and my power. The spinning technique still needs a little work as I felt myself get back into old habits. My feet feel great too. I think the new cleat placement is going to resolve my numbness. So thanks for everything! "- Carey Lowery (current NORBA Endurance Series leader)

"I absolutely love the way things are going. The new pedal stroke has worked wonders for my ankle and I'm able to put massive power down without too much of a hike in heart rate. I'd say I'm riding a good two to three gears higher on certain climbs than I was before."- Dave Buenger

"Getting properly fitted to my bikes was the best thing that I did in 2006 to better enjoy riding, both on and off-road. I like Wobble-Naught so much that I had Eddie fit me to my new Flux that I finished building this month. You can spend a lot of time and money on parts swapping trying to guess your way to a good bike fit, or you can work with Eddie O. and do it right the first time. "- Peter Uher (Expert XC Racer)

"On just my first ride, I had positive results all around with a lot less effort and no numbness anywhere. Aside from a few new muscles talking to me this morning, I had more power with less effort, and experienced a lower heart rate average than normal due to the previous items. On the same route distance and speed average, I usually average about 140-150 bpm in the same conditions but my HR average was 127 yesterday so I'm extremely happy with the changes. The most important thing was that I had a lot less knee pain than I had before, so I think I'll post-pone knee surgery for a while to see how things go! "- Shane Waldon

"I’ve now gotten down to my fighting weight of 168 and I’ve been eating like a horse. I feel like my nutrition is totally dialed in and I’m feeling pretty strong at this point. 32 days to go!"- Al Bodine, Ironman Triathlete

"I am so excited that 55nine Performance helped me in my endurance racing. Not only have they motivated me, encouraged me to keep going, but more specifically, Namrita has been helping me to understand why my body is reacting to the way I am treating it: why I have wound up in the hospital 3 times in the past two years. And it was a simple process. I explained to her what was going on, my symptoms, she asked me a couple of questions, we came up with a plan, and so far, it has worked. That girl knows what she is talking about. So, if you have never been professionally fit on your bike, get in touch with Eddie, you will not believe the difference moving your position only 5mm will make. And, if you are struggling with your race day nutrition, get in touch with Namrita. You will be amazed with the difference."- Stephen Janes, Endurance Racer

"I have been the tip of the sword in term of double amputees and what can be done in our sport. Hopefully, my failures and setbacks can be use to help others like me be more successful. I am currently riding a bike that is about 3 sizes to small. I have been working with Eddie O'Dea of 55nine Performance on my bike fit and cycling technique. He has worked with me to setup my bike optimally using the Wobble-Naught fit system and quantified the setup based on my skeletal and prosthetic measurements. This has to be refined every time my prosthetics change. We are using the Dartfish video analysis to constantly work on my form and technique which has resulted in more comfort and some of my best bike splits to date. There have been some major challenges with getting into an aero position mostly due to balance or lack there of, so we are still working in that area."- Scott Rigsby, double-amputee Ironman

"I just built up an R330 and got a Wobble Naught fit on it. I've got Wobble-Naught fit on all my bikes now, MTB, CX, and road. For racing MTB, it makes all the difference for me. Much less pain on long races and better climbing. Can't figure out why more people don't go for the pro fit. I sound like a damn advertisement, but I mean it!"- Emily Brock, endurance mountain bike athlete

"Nutrition plays a pivotal role in the performance of ultra-endurance mountain biking. It is also commonly overlooked. I was guilty until I started getting help from Namrita last year. Since then, I have changed my nutrition plan, both on and off the bike. Focusing on nutrition has played just as improtant a role as improving the quality of my training. As a result my fitness has improved by leaps and bounds; I am winning races and setting PR's. For anyone wanting to excel in endurance sports, at any level, I would recommend Namrita's nutritional guidance."- Carey Lowery, professional mountain bike athlete

"Namrita took something that I had made very complicated and confusing and made it very simple. I haven't had any fueling issues on the bike since she helped me out. Off the bike I've been feeling much better and have a ton more energy."- Allan Atkinson, endurance mountain bike athlete

"I have been endurance racing for 2.5 yrs now. It started out as a fun challenge and then turned into a not so fun challenge. It seemed that around 3-4 hours into a race, I hit the wall real hard. Frustrated and discouraged, after ending up in the ER several times, I teamed up with Namrita. The results have been amazing. She has worked with me to figure out exactly what my body needs during endurance races. I have been very pleased with the results and look forward racing and finishing strong."- Stephen Janes, endurance athlete

"Namrita gave our group riding the Ovarian Cycle: Ride to Change the Future, nutritional advice that was completely on target. She has a direct method of delivery that is incredibly user friendly. By following her plan, we were all able to complete the 6 week training program and ride our 6 indoor hours with energy! Thank you Namrita!"- Bethany Diamond, founder of Ovarian Cycle